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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday, 16th November 2014 - Serious Colouring

First time for a while I have cooked breakfast for four guests - delighted that they were staggered.

I had not even cleared the breakfast table before The Evans Family descended and thankful that there were many helping hands, little and large to finish the job. We did lots of reading and playing with quite ancient toughened Playdoh. Bella made a multitude of worms and Hetty found a good use of all my unused cutters.

We let the new chicks out with the old hens - a bit or an 'argy bargy' but nothing too serious - yet. We all got rather muddy.

I have not visited Little Holt today but Harriet said the mist coating I did after two glasses of wine was really ok. It has been a been manic choosing bathroom flooring/tiles, kitchen worktops, paint colours and curtains - well done Harriet and Brett for forging on this evening and getting it all decided. I spent a long time looking at curtain material and got nowhere this evening. The ironing and Strictly Dancing Results were suddenly very important.

We have created a lot of recycling this past two weeks - I felt cleansed relieving myself of five crates plus enormous amounts of cardboard out this evening by torchlight.

And yes, Bella's lip does come out further than her nose when she is concentrating. Love, love, love those girls.

Serious Colouring
Pen with Watercolour
Watercolour Paper

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  1. Aww it was another busy day. That lip comes out further when she is relaxing very hard or working very hard, cute!