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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wednesday, 18th June 2014 - Not Snappy Dragon

It has been a day of nothing very interesting today. Watering the dry pots and hanging baskets. Tim packing to leave me. Hoovering while wearing a jumper and thinking I have a hormonal hot flush when it is just hot.

I am home alone (no family) - with four bnb guests. One couple are so delighted with what I have on offer they wish to stay an extra night. Excellent they are lovely too.

I am surprised that I am quite enjoying watching a football match while blogging - well sort of watching I am not sure who is playing - they seem to be having a rest at the moment - I have heard it is quite hot in Brazil. Could be Chilli and Spain???

I have grown from seed some Snapdragons for Hetty and Bella. I choose a particularly delightful double variety - they do not snap.

Not Snappy Dragon
Pen with Watercolour
A5 Recycled Card

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  1. It may have been Chile and Spain, unless Spain had taken to eating spanish food ;-) Dad must be back now but he'll be off again soon! xx