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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Tuesday, 4th September 2018 - Monilinia fructigena or laxa?

Mum has come to realise that she won't ever be going back to the home she shared with Dad. She can be a pain in the arse over some things but this made me feel terribly sad for her. She is being very brave over it. Her heart must be feeling sore. On a positive note the nursing home seems to be gathering a few more residents so she has more people to talk to and her health is good. I am very lucky that she is only a few minutes away. She can be a good person to discuss things with.

I don't think I will take up fruit farming as a career or even a hobby. These are a pair of pears I picked from our tree. Ripe for the compost.

Monilinia fructigena or laxa?
Pen and Watercolour

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