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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Sunday, 2nd September 2018 - After Singing

Tom has been home this weekend. This time next week he will be a homeowner. I am looking forward to a sleepover. I might even get to do some decorating unless he decides to keep the purple walls.

Tom fixed the seat on his car while Hetty and Bella made it their house. This kept them all occupied.

Herbie and I spent a couple of hours together. We got one pillow case on while singing Old MacDonald. I will finish making the bed later. I got an hour reading my Kindle while he slept on my chest. He has an admiration of anything floral or with big eyes. They both catch his interest and rouse a crinkly smile.

This evening the house is feeling a little quiet. The Bodyguard ramped up the atmosphere.

After Singing
Charcoal and Watercolour

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