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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Friday, 31st August 2018 - Alan's Speech

I finished cooking this morning and this afternoon we set out to the barn with both our cars loaded with festivity goods.

Michael loaded the stove with wood. As the evening turned cooler the kitchen was a tempting place to be.

Mackerel or liver pate (made by Si and his cows) plated up with coleslaw, lettuce and Alan's tomatoes were served. The precision of getting 60 plates out was admirable. I forgot to take out the Feta and spinach rolls as people arrived. They were taken around by Chris and probably some others. An interlude of music while the soup was finely poured, beautiful swirled with cream by Harriet and a flourish of parsley by Tim. A team took it out to the tables. Beef tagine or Moroccan fish was served with salad and couscous. A tribe of people washed up between courses. Lemon possets in shot glasses came next. Then there was Alan's touching speech. The tables were thinning as the evening wore on. Apple crumble and chocolate roulade and plates of cheese and chutney all went out together. The last men standing finished with tea/coffee homemade sloe gin, port and brandy.

It is late. The party was wonderful if a bit chilly.

I am going to bed now.

Alan's Speech

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