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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wednesday, 1st July 2015 - Life Drawing Tryptich

It has been an overly sweaty day. Cooking breakfast was a hit experience and one that I am glad is infrequent. They told me on the news that it was the hottest recorded day in July.

Slowly I went about my household tasks with frequent tea/coffee and water breaks.

The cat brought me half a dozen shrews in succession while I was cooking breakfast. Harriet wondered because I was binning them on arrival the cat thought I had eaten them and went out to gather me another. Possible explanation. It amused us anyway.

Harriet and I went to a life drawing session this evening. My Peugeot said is was 30 degrees which seemed a bit of an exaggeration. On our way home we stopped off at The Bull to check The Weald of Kent had performed their duties to a high standard in Tim's absence.

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