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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sunday, 5th July 2015 - Hetty Graduates

A second morning of abandoning my guests at the breakfast table. This time I left Tim in charge. i had a very important appointment to attend to. Hetty had her graduation from preschool at Mr Noah's. it was a light hearted church service which involved the children building an Ark our of cardboard boxes. i managed to just about control my tears to a discreet few.

This afternoon we had an hours window to visit Sarah at Tentertainment. Following a rather wet morning the crowds seem to be building. Hetty and Bella got their sweets after eight days of waiitng. One major disappointment was that I missed Coco and the Butterfields playing. Harriet managed to track Coco down after I left and got a gorgeous photo for me. 

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