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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tuesday, 14th April 2015 - Trees and Chimneys

What a glorious day of sunshine to bring out freckles.

Tom rang from Shanghai. He was just off to a meeting with work colleagues. Now, what gift would I like from China? 

Harriet, Hetty, Bella (who is getting a fine black eye from yesterday's incident) and I  refreshed ourselves in Cocolicious. Hetty ate her cake and most of Harriet's croissant. Bella ate the nose, eyes and ears off her bear biscuit. I had fresh fig, goats cheese, leaves on yummy bread gifted to me by Lou Lou.

I am still walking alone and trying to speed up my cardiovascular exercise - makes me go a bit breathy in not a very sexy manner.

Trees and Chimneys
Watercolour Paper

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