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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday, 25th April 2013 - 11:59:50am - The Return of the Plug

After my lovely guests left me I drove Brett's mended Vauxhall over to see Harriet. On the way through Smarden it decided to cut out. It is not quite right. I turned around and swapped it for the trusty Punto. The Vauxhall is back at the garage.

I stopped off at Screwfix to return an item.

What a busy day Harriet, Hetty, Arabella and I had. We read Mister Magnolia and many Hairy Mc Clary (?sp) books while unpeeling BabyBels. We iced and decorated fairy cakes. We went to the drs. Harriet is worn out from overuse and needs to rest. Near imposssible with two babies. We did a bit of shopping that Hetty insisted on carrying home. A trip to the park followed by fish fingers for tea. A wonderfully exhausting day

The Return of the Plug
Acrylic Ink

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