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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday, 17th March 2013 - 10:17:15am - Tidy Up

While I was working inside Tim was outside taking the excess paint off the window. He managed to find the only dry spell in the day. It has rained ever since.

Steve and Fergus arrived from France. We met with Gordon, Dawn and Ellyse in the Woodcock thinking it would be a quieter option out of the local pubs for a drink. I think the rain must have prevented the usual Sunday walkers from walking. Unless you are Sarah and Nigel who like to ramble through mud and rain.

Back home where in front of the log fire we are about the have an Indian takeaway - a bargain delivered for £1 from Gram Spice. Fergus seems bemused by the black and white Miss Marple film we have found to watch.

Tidy Up
Pen with Watercolour
Jacksons 130lb not

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  1. I'm sure Fergus was bored, not bemused. He might have appeared bemused to be polite though.
    We all like a rainy ramble, it reminds us we are living in this grey and pleasant land. I look forward to getting on with some jobs around the garden, it seems a long time since I've gotten muddy xxx