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Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday, 11th March 2013 - 10:01:28am - Surprise Snow Swirls

I was surprised by the snow as I was driving over to Canterbury today.

Hetty and I went for a walk into town with Hetty's friend Flossie and her mum Natalie. Both girls went to sleep. It was bitterly cold in the wind.

Brett's Dad Roy and I played with Hetty as Harriet and Brett seemed busy.

At 4.30pm Brett delivered baby girl Evans (6lb 9oz) in the bathroom and I am delighted to say I was there at the time. The midwives were stuck in traffic and arrived about 20 minutes later. Harriet did amazingly. The hyponobirthing they have done worked perfectly.

Congratulations to Harriet, Brett, Hetty and baby Evans.

I drove home through even more snow.

I had an excuse not to go to art. What was yours Sarah?

What an incredible day. Tim and I are very proud grandparents.

Surprise Snow Swirls
Acrylic on Paper

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  1. Ah, another girl. I knew it wansnt just a baby. Thats really so exciting, I wish i had been there too. Congratulations everyone!

    My excuse not to go to art was that it was cancelled.