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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thursday, 20th December 2012 - Comfort Cooking

Lindsey, Mum and I got a call from Dad's nursing home. He had another TIA and they didn't think he would pull through. Mum was in Rye and Lindsey working. I went and sat with Dad who was peaceful but his breathing was a bit scary so I spent a lot of time holding his hand and stroking his head. Lindsey came in and woke him up. Amazing. He wanted whisky. Mum came. I went home for something to eat. Tim had made soup for me. We collected Mum. Dad was still awake and the staff are a bit flummoxed. Go Dad go.

After therapeutic chips in Rye we dropped in at The Olivers for a glass of wine.

Back home to the reassurance of our kitchen.

Comfort Cooking
Saunders Waterford 140lb not

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