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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thursday, 18th October 2012 - Elizabeth's Pottery

A bit of toilet cleaning and bed making then it was time to visit Dad.

I had a great afternoon full of stories. When he was at school he and a few friends found a void in the space above the main hall. They drilled a hole and positioned a bag of flour which was suspended by string soaked in potassium nitrate which when lit is a slow burning fuse this would burn through and release flour onto the pianist below. They succeeded a couple of times. Dad told me that his 'bicycle clipped' headmaster probably new the culprits but they were never reprimanded. Probably because they were the most intelligent students in the school.

They used thorns instead of needles to play their 78's due to stop wear and tear. The sound was muffled but cheap. I love my Dad so much.

This evening Elizabeth took me to The Kent Potters Private View (very nice wine) with Brenda in Smarden.

Elizabeth's Pottery
Bockingford 140lb not

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  1. That's so naughty of him! I was looking through a box of his things in my room and found a pair of turntable cartridges with needles, no wonder they looked unused...
    I like wine :-)