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Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday, 19th October 2012 - Stretch and Lift

Sarah and I did our homework for our art class on Monday evening. We need to stretch our watercolour paper. When dry cover it with a mid tone removable wash. We played around with paint this afternoon to find out which ones would not stain. Sarah complained about have to extra curricular activities but I know she likes it really.

I took my knitting and went to see Dad. A short visit today as he was very agitated and I seemed unable to allay his worries. I am hoping he was just tired from visitors.

Tim and I drank wine and water with Mike and Pippa who are still contemplating their next house move.....or not.

Stretch and Lift
Bockingford 140lb not

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  1. Painting your painting materials, there must be some kind of paradox in there somewhere...