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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday, 25th August 2015 - Computer Clinic

Tim is fixing a couple of rather large computers for Kell. They take up a lot of kitchen space.

I have an evening off. Yippee. The unrelenting rain prevented us taking a trip to Great Dixter. I under coated the tongue and groove in my studio-to-be and bathroom. How spoilt am I having two new rooms built for me. Lindsey dropped by and we caught up on family antics. She thinks Mum's body parts are so well preserved because they have never been used. Mum does seem particularly well apart from a little 'ticker trouble'. 

This evening we had a night out at The Three Chimneys with Nigel, Sarah and grandparents-in-waiting Si and Lesley. It was a rather disappointing affair. The apple crumble was made with Braeburn apples!!! Not only are they not English, why would you not use Bramley's. Some may feel this is a minor point but not when you are with an English Apple farmer. We were not offered coffee. This is a major minus point for me. As to the change not being given - well you should have heard Si.  So we headed off to The Milkhouse where the menu looked much better and cheaper. Sorry guys it was my decision. 

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  1. We should have gone to the Great House... they have local Bramley apples in their crumble. Was a nice evening nevertheless