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Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday, 17th August 2015 - Kath's Nemesis

My leisurely morning was stifled by the very early arrival of guests which threw me into a chaotic spin.

Kath, Chloe and Martha came to visit next door. As Kath took a wander around the garden she descended upon a weed with great dislike. It is impossible to eradicate and the leaves are too small to use chemical sprays. Nasty little beast. Watch out for it. It breaks as you dig it out and each tiny piece left behind produces another. It also has exploding seed pods that catapult themselves into all your nooks and crannies. It has a rather becoming name of Wood Sorrel - deceptive I feel.

Tim and I have both reached our Mi Band targets this evening. We took a rather lovely walk (I am still singing Nutting Girl in my head) which caused our bands to vibrate.

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