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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tuesday, 26th February 2013 - 9:27:17am - Patrick Holford's Breakfast Ingredients

I had tea in bed.

Tim was helping Roger, his brother-in-law, put in a bath for Mark, Tim's nephew. I went over this afternoon and helped tidy up. Four boys in one house seem to produce a vast number of socks.

This is a contour drawing. I am practising the new method taught to us at my art class. Tom - be proud.

My new camera has an I.O.S. error and given up working. I have reverted back to my Canon which shuts down after about 30 seconds. I just have to take pictures quickly. Very frustrating.

Patrick Holford's Breakfast Ingredients
Pen with Watercolour


  1. I am sure Tom is proud and so am I - that seems to work well I think you should go to the top of the class for understanding the brief, or at least get a gold star .... perhaps that is unlikely though.

  2. That's an unusual camera error, is it literally "I.O.S. error"? What's the model?
    I am very proud, is that the style Hari uses?

  3. Harriet has a unique two handed style of her own.

    Cannot find my broken camera.