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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Tuesday, 12th March 2019 - It's Cold Outside

What a foul weathered day. Mum was not affected in her cocoon and seemed a bit brighter today. She thinks the GP is having secret liasons with us about her health - not really.

I am ready to attempt Module Five of my oil painting course. Strawberries and something metal will be a challenge I am ready for.

We took Bella to see Fairlight. It was a bit of a long road trip for an after school excusion. Bella and I had to keep to the beds or the sharks and crocodiles would attack. It took me back to playing similar games as I child. It finished back home with Go, Dog, Go read whilst eating mint Vienetta. Much easier than Norse Mythology I tackled earlier.

The recipe I had been saving from a Tesco magazine was slightly disappointing but the microwave popcorn was as good as ever.

It's Cold Outside
Pen and Watercolour

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