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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Saturday, 13th October 2018 - Whitstable

Our Uncle Dave is in Canterbury Hospital. He was really pleased that we visited him today. We went and got him a newspaper and an ice-cream. He was really pleased that we visited him today. He has dementia and his short term memory is shot to pieces. He blames it on heading many a football is his youth. Possibly. But he had many many enjoyable years with his mates playing football. Remove that from his life and he may not have the dementia he has now but it was such a large happy chunk of his life I wouldn't want to take that from him.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. We were close to Whitstable. We sat on a groin and watched the sun set over the sea. I had rose wine. Being in a plastic glass did not detract from the glory of the moment. We shared a bag of chips while wandering the streets. It is a very pretty town.

Back at home I now have a plate of white chocolate tarts to eat.


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