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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017 - Prepared Pink Hyacinth

I have become a happy lazy lummox, staying up until midnight and then not getting out of bed until the sun has risen. A most enjoyable state to be in but needs to be rapidly rectified as I have guests booked in.

Tom has filled his car with Christmas gifts and left us again. Each time he goes it gives a little pull at my soul. I know he is fine, I know he is well, I know he will be ok but it still hurts just a little. I am mighty pleased I have Harriet as an Elastoplast.

James Blunt sang to me while I got the house back to some sort of order. From my internal position I could watch Brett chain sawing the dead trees blocking the light from our rose garden. I am expecting an abundance of blooms.

So sad about George Michael. He helped me through my turbulent teenage years.

Mum gave me a basket of green bulbs for Christmas that are now pink and gorgeous.

Prepared Pink Hyacinth, Pen