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Friday, 23 September 2016

Thursday, 22nd September 2016 - The Walled Nursery

The warmth tempted Tim and I out in the MG. We took a trip to Cranbrook to collect my drugs and iron, through Kilndown to drop off a rejuvenated computer and onto The Walled Nursery for coffee and cake for me and creamed tomato soup with Parmesan, garlic and herb bread for Tim. We saw the delightful Anneli taking a break from her Shepherds Hut where she does amazing massage and Reiki Therapy. I still have a voucher to claim to release my stress and tension. Sooo looking forward to it. We returned home with a geranium that smells of Turkish Delight. Tim is building a shelf for it to live in our bathroom so when I have a bath I can float a leaf or two in the water. He likes the taste of Turkish delight and I will be infused with it.

I had Poldark to accompany me while I was on a ironing marathon, but was interrupted by a call from Mum. She called 999 last night and was admitted to hospital. Don't worry she was back home by 6.30am with the advice to go to the GP if she gets any further pain. They thought her severe pain could be a heart attack but thorough tests came back negative. She did inform me that on the way to hospital in the ambulance it stopped and reversed so the driver could rescue an injured owl that they showed to Mum. I don't think they were that concerned about her intolerable pain. She has painkillers which she does not wish to take as they don't agree with her. This is reassuring as it means she cannot be in too much discomfort.

We watched Prometheus this evening and were warned about the gory content. There was plenty. I am rather disturbed as it involved slimy snake/octopus type aliens which liked entering through the mouth and exiting by bursting out a stomach. Rather painful. Sleep well.

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