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Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday, 23rd September 2016 - Discipline

During a photo download I was told my memory was full. This is when I hand over to Tim with his technical abilities to sort it out. And he does and has whilst telling me how to correct the problem. Yep, yes, yes, OK, got-it. Sssshhh, I really haven't got a clue. Thank goodness for intuitive Macs. Unless you still haven't got a bloody clue. Back to Professor Dwyer.

Those of you who do watercolour painting and know about stretching you find it a pain in the arse? I now use heavy weight paper that will cope with water being sploshed about and not buckle so I don't have to. My art tutor likes us to stretch our paper. I have been taking on the task over the last couple of days to be a good student and prove that I can succeed. It is all about the right amount of water on the paper and tape and timing. Out of a dozen none are perfect. I have buckles, cockles, bends, ripples and lifted tape. To push myself further into the abyss of failure I decided to try using some handmade Khadi paper with embedded petals. It's a bit on the crinkled side.

Drawing with silverpoint is something I am working on. A technique that is beautiful. I got totally and utterly lost in concentration while having a go this evening. You cannot rub it out. I rather like the fact that all mishaps cannot be erased. You use a piece of silverwire in a holder which leaves deposits on a prepared surface. Mine is ground containing sanguine colour (bit more fleshy than I intended) with chicken bone. All rather gorgeous.

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  1. You're lucky to have such a clever man about the house, some people would be destined to calling silly-cost-services-r-us and end up paying an arm and a leg for extra storage kept on several servers spread across the solar system-- all for extra security.
    Re: paper stretching you should have tried a bakers dozen, you'd have got it right then I'm certain.
    I've just been out with workmates for a final goodbye drink :')
    Not sure about the chicken bone technique, sounds a bit rustic for me.
    Miss and love you xxx