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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Thursday, 10th September 2015 - Tutor Encourages Student to Smoke

What a day.

Following breakfasting guests and finding two more jars of green bean chutney for them Michael arrived.

Harriet and I got bee suited up. Tim was not quite up to the standing for any period of time. Michael sternly instructed me on the way to extract, inspect and probably do something else very important with the hive. Harriet smoked the bees in a fine manner. It was all rather stressful. Michael left and I calmed down. 

My new guests sent me into a flurry arriving three hours early. Rooms sorted, guests settled. 

Next job was to extract the honey. I won't go into details but the kitchen, Tim and I were rather sticky by the end of the process. This was a rather relaxing process decapping the combs and spinning the frames. Our production was not terribly impressive. Next year.

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