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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Thursday, 4th December 2014 - Hetty and Bella visit Father Christmas

After a morning of a bit of painting. I have made my first colour mistake. In my over exuberance and relaxed confidence I have painted the skirting in the bathroom Buttermilk instead of Barley White. They do look very similar in the dim evening light.

We stacked the car with boxes for removals of goods from Canterbury to Benenden in 10 days time.

The spare underlay and carpet holder down strips to Screwfix and replaced them with 200 curtain hooks.

What a lovely afternoon. It has been crisp and chilly. Perfect weather for a trip to see Father Christmas. Tim and I were very impressed. Hetty and Bella a little more reserved. He was a rather muffled very beardy, large nosed chap. But for £4 each they got to decorate a gingerbread man with chocolate (how many did Bella test) while listening to a story read by a very youthful Mrs Christmas. On into the grotto where Bella said she had been naughty and would like a panda for Christmas. Hetty said she would put out a carrot for the reindeer and mince pie with a glass of milk (possible the Benenden one would prefer whiskey) for Santa. And...they got a stocking to put on the end of their beds with pencils, a colouring book and a candy cane. Excellent.

On our way home we dropped by Waitrose to spend our £10 off token on beer, cranberries and pasta. A quick trip to Tesco to collect four curtain poles and many many bags of fruit and vegetables at 10p a bag - good find Tim.

This is as close as Hetty felt safe enough to get.

Hetty Visits Father Christmas
Pen with Watercolour
Watercolour Paper

Bella was a little braver and discussed her toggles.

Bella Visits Father Christmas
Pen with Watercolour
Watercolour Paper


  1. Wonderful insight on the girls personalities. Can't wait to see you all xx