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Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday, 1st April 2016 - Drive, Drain and Path Stone

It is 5.37am while I am writing this. I needed a wee. Pitch dark outside but the birds, including a pheasant are up and singing. It is quite beautiful amongst the peace of a sleeping house.

The sun was deceptive today with a nippy wind that kept me moving at speed on a walk with Tim.

My greenhouse is flourishing with green delights. I have planted runner beans, French beans, a purple variety not your bog standard old green type, nasturtium, tomato (which was a free packet) and rudbeckias. All now settled into compost under a protective layer of cling film. 

We had just a bit of gravel and stone delivered for various building jobs.

We spent the evening with Tony and Wendy at The Lord Raglan. Rather good food. Tony has food envy for Wendy's smoked duck so I shared a piece of treacle tart and custard with him to take his mind of it.

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