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Sunday, 2 February 2014

1st-2nd February 2014 - Coming and Going

We have had a family infused weekend.

On the way to Canterbury we had to navigate the Volvo through a couple of floods. Those 'Road Closed' signs are always too tempting not to investigate.

Harriet, Hetty and Bella came to stay. Mum came over Saturday afternoon with Lindsey and Fizzy with presents for the girls. 'Tangerina' Ballerina was a hit with Hetty. Loads of tea was drunk.

Reading books with Grandad was one of the favourite things to do.

Tom has gone off on a road trip for a week or so. Hetty was sad to say goodbye to Uncle Tom.

Tim and Harriet have performed a minor operation (after telephone advice from Si) on our black chicken who seems to have got an egg or two stuck. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out the outcome.

I am amazed at how many games can be played with a few plastic bricks.

I returned The Evans girls back to Canterbury the rivers have burst their banks in a few places includig into Sainsburys carpark.

Tim and I are now alone in a very quiet house. I get a feeling it wont be for long.

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