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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thursday 14th June 2012 - Buy One Later

Sarah and I went to The Wealden Times Fair today. Not one drop of rain. I did like Sarah's choice of clothes very much.

We saw a few things that we wanted to buy and decided to go back for them after looking round. June had a very pretty stand and good to see that Sophie was helping her mum - and for no wage too. The food, Pimms, tea, cake and company was glorious.

I had a lovely day - thank you for taking me.

Buy One Later
Bockingford 200lb not


  1. Yes it was a lovely day and June's stall looked very pretty indeed.

    I am getting used to not having a face but could I have some ankles next time please? Salmony orange is definitely the colour for this Summer, just sooo US

  2. Lovely to see you and Sarah at the W.T fair - Pretty picture of our stand too! Sophy was wondering why she has a "mono leg"?!

  3. oh dear mum, your models are so critical!
    ps.i notice that notice again, I was not invited to a lovely day out.of course I'm not offended...I'm sure I had a lovely day without you too ;)