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Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday, 8th June 2012 - Silver Surfer

People went. I cleaned. More came.

Tim helped my dad, with his new glasses, to roam the internet. Mum thought he wanted to look up family history. But no, my Dad had other ideas. He needed to know how to cure his itchy back. I just hope he does not turn off his Lifeline as well as the computer next time.

It is the South East Open Studies for a couple of weeks. We visited a couple in Rye. Will Taylor does some amazing charcoal animals which he told us were just studies for future pictures. I was thinking about joining for June 2013 - I am having second thoughts now.

Silver Surfer
Bockingford 200lb not

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  1. I'm not very impressed with the pictures on Grandma and Grandad's wall, they look a bit samey!