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Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday, 4th May 2012 - Not Tonight Nigel

We had all been working very hard today and met for a drink in The George.

One drink turned into quite a few. It was decided not to descend upon the Indian restaurant. A very wise decision after so many beverages. Another night maybe.

Not Tonight Nigel


  1. we recognise dad and nigel and maybe sarah to the left of dad but don't know who is top and tailing the table?hard to tell when your friends have such smooth faces ;) seem to have had thursday twice in Benenden, we had Friday yesterday instead x

  2. Mike to the left - he has lost loads of weight and Pippa to the right who had an 'up-do'.
    Just can't do faces. I put them in them rub them out cos they are so scary

  3. I dont at all mind the lack of a face - smooths the wrinkles out marvellously. Im also quite pleased with the new, darker hair colour x