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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday, 15th April 2012 - Dr Oz recommends Eight to Ten-a-Day

I have not done much of note today. Tim suggested a blank page. I was rather tempted.

Then inspiration struck.

I read an article today that suggests for our good health we should be eating not the Government recommendation of 5 fruit and vegetables a day but 8 to 10.

You can guess what they are if you like!?! There are eight.

Dr Oz Recommends Eight to Ten-a-Day
Bockingford 200lb not


  1. well, I was nearly tricked by Mr Top Left who is posing as an apple then noticed number 5, who is definitely an apple (or a small mango I now wonder but no, I will stick with apple) so, clockwise from top left the Evanses are going with (slight discrepancy already, Brett initially thought orange but decided it isn't quite orange enough for an orange compared to the carrot, and oranges don't often have a green patch)so, tomato, red pepper, broccoli, possible sweetheart cabbage (maybe chickory) carrot, apple and turnip.there.

  2. I think tomato, red pepper, broccoli, sweetheart cabbage, carrot, mango, turnip.

  3. forgot to count to 8, yes the peas are obvious now!
    orange, red pepper, broccoli, sweetheart cabbage, carrot, apple, peas and you have beaten us on the last one, we are stumped!